This bi-coastal company specializes in post-production video editing for major market advertisers.  The New York office was undergoing the 3rd expansion of its existing space.  Previous additions were done haphazardly, without much consideration of efficient layout and positive staff interaction.  The main design exercise was to re-think the layout, incorporate the additional space the office was gaining, and establish a consistent identity. 

Staff seating was consolidated and separated from client circulation, yet remains at the heart of the office between producers and directors.  This low budget project called for an innovative use of materials to help give the office an identity.  In lieu of a standard gypsum board partition wall, a translucent polycarbonate screen was created that gives privacy to the producers, while allowing natural light to filter into the staff area.    

Cement board, typically used for backing ceramic tile, was utilized as a cladding material for the solid edit suite that appears to be floating behind the translucent panels.  This solution created an easily identifiable destination for their clients that was also provided the required sound isolation from the rest of the office. 

The lounge was designed with simple, modern furnishings that are comfortable and clean, keeping with the office’s newfound aesthetic.

All photos © STUDIOrobert jamieson