SurEVOLUTION  . New York, NY       This project called for the creation of a 1,200sf office/showroom for this artisan products company.    The clients needed a space they could work, entertain clients and showcase their products.    This required a small office space for 5 employees, a full kitchen and showroom.    The company prides itself on creating handcrafted products that are highly sustainable, so the design and materiality of the project reflected that. Reclaimed timbers for construction of the kitchen cabinetry and product display casework were locally sourced and custom built by a Brooklyn cabinetmaker.    The cabinets are faced in hot rolled steel, a raw and authentic counterbalance to the warm wood. The multi-purpose island doubles as storage for the kitchen and samples of their smaller products and accessories.        All photos © STUDIOrobert jamieson
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