With the main house interior and decks having been completely re-designed in Phase I, we are now working on updating the exterior and creating a detached addition for a new garage and studio space.  Since both partners work from home this will give them a detached work space and allow for the existing garage to be renovated in the future to add additional guest bedrooms on the lower level of the home.  The new structure is sited and designed to feel like a seamless, but updated extension of the existing 1960's home, with both getting a combination of stained and clear coated cedar siding.  The exposed cedar being revealed in circulation areas as if exposed by peeling back the painted skin.  A new canopy and bridge from the garage and studio connects with the existing home roof overhang, creating an entirely new and more formal entry for both residents and guests.  Construction will commence Fall of 2018.

All renderings ©  STUDIOrobert jamieson